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  1. LazarBeam

    LazarBeamPrije 5 mjeseci

    I think the counter glitched in the video and its $100 short but ill make sure the proper amount is donated :)

  2. P1 xel Hydro

    P1 xel HydroPrije mjesec

    hi lazar

  3. Grootey

    GrooteyPrije mjesec


  4. ZertRBLX

    ZertRBLXPrije mjesec

    Ok ty

  5. Stefan the bets Stefan the best

    Stefan the bets Stefan the bestPrije mjesec

    You are the best HRhaver Ever

  6. Stefan the bets Stefan the best

    Stefan the bets Stefan the bestPrije mjesec

    You are the best HRhaver Ever

  7. Rohnan Atkinson

    Rohnan AtkinsonPrije 6 sati


  8. Bronxx

    BronxxPrije 12 sati

    2:33 the counter lagged

  9. Jack Westman

    Jack WestmanPrije 17 sati

    Spread the gospel,Amen

  10. GAMING PR0

    GAMING PR0Prije 20 sati

    Imagin he died 1 million times but didn’t put it in the video😂😂

  11. Chris

    ChrisPrije dan

    0:44 oh im so generous

  12. Callum Davies

    Callum DaviesPrije 2 dana

    8:43 RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. fuegoFN

    fuegoFNPrije 2 dana

    So we are not gonna talk about the time 2:05

  14. JCB Productions

    JCB ProductionsPrije 2 dana

    This is such a good cause and it made me lol so much👍 keep up the great work!

  15. roblox kid

    roblox kidPrije 2 dana

    Lazarbeam should change his name to the Australian Bean

  16. Drifty Rift

    Drifty RiftPrije 2 dana

    "I'm a really nice guy" Chops a mans dick off

  17. Hoang Long Nguyen

    Hoang Long NguyenPrije 3 dana

    Code lazar Mỹ màn

  18. Frooti_lo0pz

    Frooti_lo0pzPrije 6 dana

    2nd level be like. Oh I think I already screwed up *falling *Intense body crunches intensifies…

  19. Reaper

    ReaperPrije 7 dana

    he finnished the first level in 69 seconds

  20. AY Cat

    AY CatPrije 7 dana

    Do more happy wheels

  21. Rey Pika-Mysterio

    Rey Pika-MysterioPrije 7 dana

    Do more happy wheels

  22. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus JohnsonPrije 7 dana

    Gray will be happy(:

  23. Faze Sway23

    Faze Sway23Prije 8 dana


  24. cquick 3

    cquick 3Prije 9 dana

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  25. Freddie

    FreddiePrije 9 dana

    2:37 what

  26. Azarath 1337

    Azarath 1337Prije 12 dana

    Mr. Beast: Oh yeah, Its chandler time

  27. Jai Griffiths

    Jai GriffithsPrije 12 dana

    I love you lazar

  28. Caroline Graham

    Caroline GrahamPrije 14 dana


  29. Mathias Lie

    Mathias LiePrije 15 dana

    is this mrbeast or lazarbeam

  30. Holdyn Gilbert

    Holdyn GilbertPrije 16 dana

    I wonder if he got a Channel strike when he stabbed a child

  31. I’m Cool

    I’m CoolPrije 16 dana

    1:21 him wanting to destroy all charity companies

  32. Qais Dahdouh

    Qais DahdouhPrije 17 dana

    I saw 69 nice

  33. the incredible mortal 2

    the incredible mortal 2Prije 17 dana

    4:48 is a good one

  34. Joshyboy

    JoshyboyPrije 17 dana

    fake he didnt even show us him donating u scam u only do this to get views

  35. ralph skelton

    ralph skeltonPrije 17 dana

    congrats to 19 mil subs sub to lazerbeam YEEEEET!!!!!!!!

  36. I H Syed

    I H SyedPrije 18 dana

    Bro on the bottle lvl his legs had a workout

  37. Anay Misra

    Anay MisraPrije 18 dana

    He gave charity, He got a skin in fortnie

  38. Gweeb

    GweebPrije 18 dana

    For charity

  39. Sippydog90 Gaming

    Sippydog90 GamingPrije 19 dana

    Should be tilted Me going into debt

  40. シスNikolai

    シスNikolaiPrije 19 dana

    lazar finished the first one in 69 seconds, bow down to lord lazar.

  41. Leaf-o-tron

    Leaf-o-tronPrije 19 dana

    69 seconds

  42. OchiDO

    OchiDOPrije 20 dana

    The rules are if he completes it he doesn’t give the money to them if he rage quits the level then he has to give 1000 dollars

  43. Squid Pie

    Squid PiePrije 22 dana

    Watching happy Wheels Years After The Nostalgia Makes Me Wanna Cry.

  44. Lisa Jamieson

    Lisa JamiesonPrije 22 dana

    good boy LOL

  45. Rebecca Morris

    Rebecca MorrisPrije 22 dana

    I'm 8 years old

  46. Rebecca Morris

    Rebecca MorrisPrije 22 dana

    I love you and I hope you had a good time by ch6rleymc fornite name pleas add me I love you

  47. Omar Ahmed

    Omar AhmedPrije 22 dana

    I accidentally mistaked happy wheel to happy meal...

  48. Unxknowxn

    UnxknowxnPrije 22 dana

    *atomic breath*

  49. Maxx

    MaxxPrije 22 dana

    Lazars wallet: Why are we still here just to suffer

  50. Mr Eloui

    Mr ElouiPrije 23 dana

    🎉🥳 Congrats On 19M 🥳 🎉

  51. Pika Manga

    Pika MangaPrije 23 dana

    2:06 69 lol

  52. Elizabeth Howard

    Elizabeth HowardPrije 23 dana


  53. Fat chihuahua Gaming

    Fat chihuahua GamingPrije 23 dana


  54. K H

    K HPrije 23 dana

    Your thumbnail says every time you die $1000

  55. Dark _soul

    Dark _soulPrije 24 dana

    This is if mrbeast was Australian

  56. Jedi Lynn

    Jedi LynnPrije 24 dana


  57. Antonio Navedo

    Antonio NavedoPrije 24 dana

    I LOVE

  58. zappedfry

    zappedfryPrije 24 dana

    I play rocket league

  59. Blake Achterhof

    Blake AchterhofPrije 24 dana

    me seeing him die 35 times *he is so nice :D*

  60. Márkó Németh

    Márkó NémethPrije 24 dana

    His scream at 9:26 💀😂

  61. Doggie

    DoggiePrije 25 dana

    3.6k for charity, bloody legend. Lannon Eacott.

  62. BeatSabergaming_yt

    BeatSabergaming_ytPrije 25 dana


  63. Maryovy Arias Malave

    Maryovy Arias MalavePrije 25 dana

    You want to sell your money

  64. Jennifer Bois

    Jennifer BoisPrije 26 dana


  65. Joshua Goulding

    Joshua GouldingPrije 26 dana

    Is the the guy from fortnite!!

  66. 100k subs with no videos?

    100k subs with no videos?Prije 26 dana

    Before this video a add just said a normal player vs a gay player…

  67. Brittany Tenney

    Brittany TenneyPrije 26 dana

    Make a video that you say the F word 1000 times

  68. Tanner Nickerson

    Tanner NickersonPrije 26 dana

    I hope you play more happy wheels it's so funny to watch you play it

  69. ALX ch Nice ew hexachord DJ hornily f

    ALX ch Nice ew hexachord DJ hornily fPrije 26 dana

    4:45 LOL

  70. ALX ch Nice ew hexachord DJ hornily f

    ALX ch Nice ew hexachord DJ hornily fPrije 26 dana

    thars funny as hell

  71. ayaan asad

    ayaan asadPrije 27 dana

    69.5 seconds

  72. Josue Carrillo

    Josue CarrilloPrije 27 dana

    Lazerbeam wallet: NOOOOOOOO

  73. Amanda Sanderson

    Amanda SandersonPrije 27 dana


  74. Amanda Sanderson

    Amanda SandersonPrije 27 dana


  75. Amanda Sanderson

    Amanda SandersonPrije 27 dana


  76. Amanda Sanderson

    Amanda SandersonPrije 27 dana


  77. Malachi Shaw

    Malachi ShawPrije 28 dana

    He made the same amount of money on this vid that he gave away XD

  78. UpsideDownPotato

    UpsideDownPotatoPrije 28 dana

    Ronald McDonald House Never Heard Of That One

  79. Camo God

    Camo GodPrije 28 dana

    GrayStillPlays: Pathetic

  80. damke royal

    damke royalPrije 29 dana

    Didn't he spent like 20k on gta and roblox and abt 50k on fortnite

  81. Oozable

    OozablePrije 29 dana


  82. Zack McBride

    Zack McBridePrije mjesec

    Hell ya nice how are you doing

  83. TryNiceGT

    TryNiceGTPrije mjesec

    Happy bloodTime

  84. AdamK217

    AdamK217Prije mjesec

    4:35 this is amazing

  85. Lewisthewaffle

    LewisthewafflePrije mjesec

    2:02 won in 69.50 seconds lol🤣😂

  86. Salty_yt-roblox

    Salty_yt-robloxPrije mjesec


  87. Sir Nacho

    Sir NachoPrije mjesec

    imange if Lazar likes this

  88. Itz Shxdow

    Itz ShxdowPrije mjesec

    You should play guts and glory

  89. Richard Hernandez-dircio

    Richard Hernandez-dircioPrije mjesec

    Can I just say lazarbeam is just one of the best youtuber

  90. Xman 18

    Xman 18Prije mjesec

    Y is the money in America in 100 dollars when Lannan is Australian

  91. Daniel Kirstein

    Daniel KirsteinPrije mjesec

    Mrbeast will be proud

  92. ExploringNaturefor Fun

    ExploringNaturefor FunPrije mjesec

    Me and my friend once played happy wheels in school and teacher walked by and said ooh looks cool Hahha that’s because I closed the tab and opened HRhave

  93. deadeye1408

    deadeye1408Prije mjesec

    Did anyone else see that on the first challenge he finished in 69.50 seconds

  94. The Creep

    The CreepPrije mjesec


  95. Entertainment Cousin's

    Entertainment Cousin'sPrije mjesec

    lets go now!!!! shit..

  96. ggsaiyaman Yt

    ggsaiyaman YtPrije mjesec

    5:42 the worm from fortnite

  97. Liwai Rose

    Liwai RosePrije mjesec

    4:49 FBI

  98. ZTails 327

    ZTails 327Prije mjesec

    4:49-4:51 Rick Astley is now a DLC character for Happy Wheels Lol 😆 No he can't be Lol 😆 4:49-4:51 Sh@t Lol 😆 I'm such a nerd Lol 😆

  99. cquick 3

    cquick 3Prije mjesec

    Love God ✝️

  100. cquick 3

    cquick 3Prije mjesec

    Jesus Saves ✝️

  101. yahia alsmin

    yahia alsminPrije mjesec

    What device can you play happy wheels


    ALEXAVIER SMITHPrije mjesec

    No gta is the most brutal game


    ALEXAVIER SMITHPrije mjesec

    No Gt A is the most brutal game

  104. Bethanya Medina

    Bethanya MedinaPrije mjesec

    Laserbeam is the new Mr. beast

  105. Bethanya Medina

    Bethanya MedinaPrije mjesec


  106. Beverly Rogers

    Beverly RogersPrije mjesec

    I wonder we’re there hiding all his body’s

  107. Liam

    LiamPrije mjesec

    I like big eggplant

  108. Felix Taylor

    Felix TaylorPrije mjesec

    You were a better HRhaver when you did GTA and Madden 6 years ago

  109. cquick 3

    cquick 3Prije mjesec

    Jesus Saves Love God ✝️