Why My 2020 Sucked

2020 is almost gone YAY!

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  1. Baguetto

    BaguettoPrije dan

    I think everyone has a story of this year

  2. M H

    M HPrije dan


  3. Cyber Central

    Cyber CentralPrije dan

    my uncle died of covid :(

  4. Capta1nnz

    Capta1nnzPrije 23 sati

    I feel you man, cheer up, dont be sad :)

  5. Rubab

    RubabPrije 2 dana

    Mate it's just only kids channel's they are boring and stupid like lazarbeam but how did they get soooo many subs

  6. Happy_David

    Happy_DavidPrije 2 dana

    why he never talked about fresh's mom?

  7. Brian He

    Brian HePrije 3 dana

    I thought that he would just in the video after he said “ the good stuff”

  8. Christian C

    Christian CPrije 4 dana


  9. Kathleen G.

    Kathleen G.Prije 5 dana

    2020 is shit yeeeeeeeeeeet

  10. Naitik Pantsachiv

    Naitik PantsachivPrije 5 dana

    fresh and his girfriend right now 6:54

  11. Sepp De Groot

    Sepp De GrootPrije 5 dana

    When someone broke in why dont you just kill him with all the knives fans send you

  12. daki pro bro

    daki pro broPrije 5 dana

    Holy shit you are gonna be a grandfother

  13. Kyroven

    KyrovenPrije 6 dana

    CA$10.00 Thanks!

  14. Riley's Life

    Riley's LifePrije 6 dana

    My aunt died to Covid-19 :(

  15. Sophie Turner

    Sophie TurnerPrije 7 dana

    If your seeing this in 2021 your a bloody legend :)))))))))

  16. St. Devastator

    St. DevastatorPrije 8 dana

    this video was 6 months ago and it has gotten even more shit

  17. it’s FLXRE

    it’s FLXREPrije 9 dana

    So far to go

  18. Neon Leon

    Neon LeonPrije 10 dana


  19. HaZZa_2011

    HaZZa_2011Prije 12 dana

    Did he squat in the inteo

  20. Chazza !!!

    Chazza !!!Prije 13 dana

    I love the sitting vid

  21. James

    JamesPrije 13 dana

    Let me tell you Lazarbeam my country Myanmar the half of the country has been infected in my country there is something called elephant sickness and the Corona combine Now you need oxygen for 4 days to survive

  22. Z

    ZPrije 15 dana

    No shit

  23. Jake Nusser

    Jake Nusser Prije 16 dana


  24. cindyytlui

    cindyytluiPrije 17 dana

    I was born in 2014

  25. Existingwhale

    ExistingwhalePrije 17 dana

    Lannan has had ups downs but still is a bloody legend

  26. DragonthegamerVR

    DragonthegamerVRPrije 17 dana

    My COVID experience was literally so bad it was dog water

  27. Cambro 1398

    Cambro 1398Prije 17 dana


  28. Manas Kesarla

    Manas KesarlaPrije 19 dana

    in india 2021 is shit as well

  29. 90EZ_snipz

    90EZ_snipzPrije 20 dana

    9 yrs but fuck of corona

  30. TJ Robertson

    TJ RobertsonPrije 20 dana

    bro the whole lazarbeam dying thing is the god damn boston stabbing situation all over again, but this time with lots of kids watching

  31. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah YeahPrije 21 dan

    Now covid is going to shit in NSW, feel bad for lannan.

  32. xs playz

    xs playzPrije 21 dan

    7:51 I couldn’t have said it better myself

  33. J K

    J KPrije 23 dana

    2:45 entire point of the video

  34. Ya Boi Lucas YT

    Ya Boi Lucas YTPrije 24 dana

    Maybe if you didn’t drop out of high school in year 10 then you might have won the creator games (no offence 😂) My favourite parts of the year were tik Tok.

  35. brett conroy

    brett conroyPrije 25 dana

    you be first now love u owo

  36. paint

    paintPrije 25 dana

    Covid still here

  37. MiniFaze Clxpz

    MiniFaze ClxpzPrije 25 dana


  38. The Laurie Main13

    The Laurie Main13Prije 25 dana

    My 2020 was great idk what you fools are talkin bout

  39. Sk8rt_kit

    Sk8rt_kitPrije 25 dana

    0:59 what did lannan said

  40. paint

    paintPrije 25 dana

    @Sk8rt_kit thats because he's pretty much known for that

  41. Sk8rt_kit

    Sk8rt_kitPrije 25 dana

    Lannan never apologize for swearing

  42. Johnny

    JohnnyPrije 26 dana

    Nah, 2021 sucked too.

  43. Cool Dude

    Cool DudePrije 25 dana

    No it doesn’t.

  44. Asher Haddleton-burgess

    Asher Haddleton-burgessPrije 28 dana

    Add a boy!!!!!!!

  45. Khang Bui Vo Hoang

    Khang Bui Vo HoangPrije 29 dana

    Dang that some shit

  46. MobileBodi

    MobileBodiPrije 29 dana

    I wish lazarbeam Showed his 2014 Videos.

  47. Ben But Better

    Ben But BetterPrije mjesec


  48. Dean Simon

    Dean SimonPrije mjesec

    simple safe

  49. cquick 3

    cquick 3Prije mjesec

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  50. Just an ordinary cat

    Just an ordinary catPrije mjesec


  51. frickyyysasah

    frickyyysasahPrije mjesec

    the person who robbed lannan is probably captain boomerang

  52. I am a Cake

    I am a Cake Prije mjesec

    Don’t worry we are with u

  53. Just an ordinary cat

    Just an ordinary catPrije mjesec

    Your 5 months to late kid

  54. peter uhh

    peter uhhPrije mjesec

    i checked how much time tghere is on the vid and it was 420

  55. Marked Also Marked

    Marked Also MarkedPrije mjesec

    Hhmmm should i come back to this video in july 2021, or December 2021, uhhhh, im just puttingt his out there the cases in my country got way worse, and a big exam im preparing for just got cancelled...forever... why is that bad? Cause every time after that big exam ends the entire school literally, is filled to the brim with 12 year olds screaming, and every 12 year old can also walk around classrooms and even go to other classrooms, just that u cant go too overboared, so 2021 was good i guess, but hopefully it ends next year

  56. Max Plant

    Max PlantPrije mjesec

    It was crap

  57. Spiner_ Sorus

    Spiner_ SorusPrije mjesec

    So you live in Australia?

  58. 5051

    5051Prije mjesec

    Sad vid bit its good

  59. Beast boy55 2nd channel

    Beast boy55 2nd channelPrije mjesec

    Lazarbeam:2020 sucked 2020: warrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i do

  60. Brian C

    Brian CPrije mjesec

    My sister had covid

  61. Just an ordinary cat

    Just an ordinary catPrije mjesec


  62. Dean _Gaming_

    Dean _Gaming_Prije mjesec


  63. Ketchup Gamer

    Ketchup GamerPrije mjesec

    What if 2020 was the trailer for 2021



    You forgot bushfires

  65. Dr. Dumb Goggles

    Dr. Dumb GogglesPrije mjesec

    Lazarbeam: 2020 was the worst year in history. 1929: Ever heard about the Great Depression?

  66. Glaxick Boi

    Glaxick BoiPrije mjesec

    Who else is here in 2026 and COVID is gone?

  67. Jovan Tatla

    Jovan TatlaPrije mjesec

    1+1=11 2+2=22

  68. Myriam Gonzalez

    Myriam GonzalezPrije mjesec

    2 years ago Lazar: Ttvs AHHHHHH THEY RUINED FORTNITE Today Lazar: Hi welcome to my stream

  69. Edward Boyce

    Edward BoycePrije mjesec

    Covid killed my favorite teacher

  70. Fun With Owen

    Fun With OwenPrije 25 dana

    @Just an ordinary cat stfu

  71. Just an ordinary cat

    Just an ordinary catPrije mjesec

    Lmao 😂😂😂

  72. Gregor Käära

    Gregor KääraPrije mjesec

    I was suprised to see how short the vid is after reading the title

  73. Jacob winder

    Jacob winderPrije mjesec


  74. Yack_yogan

    Yack_yoganPrije mjesec

    Fuck you play fish feed and grow

  75. Sami597

    Sami597Prije mjesec

    My 2020 was decently good

  76. Ethan Does Stuff

    Ethan Does StuffPrije mjesec

    Lazerbeam is n1 in Australia

  77. Kraveryy

    KraveryyPrije mjesec

    in from the future and nothing really changed covid still here, the world is still ending and yea thats basicly it :)

  78. Hamish Bradley

    Hamish BradleyPrije mjesec

    i had to spend my brothers b-day in covid it was so annoying i couldnt even ply sport

  79. Green Owl

    Green OwlPrije mjesec

    Is strike just copyright or no.

  80. Just an ordinary cat

    Just an ordinary catPrije mjesec


  81. Crapjacks

    CrapjacksPrije mjesec

    Don’t worry I made a chug jug shrine in creative

  82. Big Brain

    Big BrainPrije mjesec


  83. Patibro

    PatibroPrije mjesec

    I haven't seen my family in 4 years

  84. Just an ordinary cat

    Just an ordinary catPrije mjesec


  85. Will Gerhard

    Will GerhardPrije mjesec


  86. Boy boy fart Lopez

    Boy boy fart LopezPrije mjesec


  87. Maximus Play

    Maximus PlayPrije mjesec

    Because i know you

  88. Maximus Play

    Maximus PlayPrije mjesec

    You play in fishz io ?

  89. Mali On glass

    Mali On glassPrije mjesec

    Wait what’s the bubonic plague again… Worst pandemic ever huh LOL

  90. Candice Escoe

    Candice EscoePrije mjesec

    One of my friends husband and brother both died rip Timmy and John

  91. Broken Cloudy Squad

    Broken Cloudy SquadPrije mjesec

    It is now June 2021 who is still watching this?

  92. Chapter 3 amirite

    Chapter 3 amiritePrije mjesec


  93. Extreme reaper

    Extreme reaperPrije mjesec

    My dad and grandma died in 2020:(

  94. Fun With Owen

    Fun With OwenPrije 18 dana

    @Just an ordinary cat stfu

  95. Extreme reaper

    Extreme reaperPrije mjesec

    It not funny

  96. Just an ordinary cat

    Just an ordinary catPrije mjesec

    Lol 😂😂😂

  97. yeet Noah

    yeet NoahPrije mjesec

    2020 suck's

  98. Flat Mango

    Flat MangoPrije mjesec

    you are better than mr beast and dream you are so funny 😂🤣

  99. Organic Doom

    Organic DoomPrije mjesec

    It suck because you wore in it

  100. Phoenix Gonzalez

    Phoenix GonzalezPrije mjesec

    Wore? It’s were in it, get it right

  101. Damien Ray Mansfield

    Damien Ray MansfieldPrije mjesec


  102. Gaming Child

    Gaming ChildPrije mjesec


  103. ツ

    Prije mjesec

    3:34 that was the reason i started playing fortnite

  104. @YareYareDaze

    @YareYareDazePrije mjesec

    "F### off COVID" LazarBeam

  105. Tanner Austin

    Tanner AustinPrije mjesec

    "there was a pandemic" the other pandemics through history: am I a joke to you?

  106. SML Steiner

    SML SteinerPrije mjesec

    other viruses were way worse, more people just paniced. thats why covid was so bad.' Make sure to only roll down your passenger and rear left windows so you dont get covid

  107. The Carter Kids

    The Carter KidsPrije mjesec


  108. Riley Munright

    Riley MunrightPrije mjesec


  109. xd FoGGi

    xd FoGGiPrije mjesec

    Why is the bottom right corner censored?

  110. D34D Westlands

    D34D WestlandsPrije mjesec

    its called Auto Focus, it blurs out the unnecessary stuff

  111. Xtreme5364

    Xtreme5364Prije mjesec


  112. SparxYT

    SparxYTPrije mjesec

    you werent the only one my friend...

  113. Matthew The Gamer 2.0

    Matthew The Gamer 2.0Prije mjesec

    Don’t blame 2020 2019 was the year of COVID and 2019 ruined 2020 because 2019 was jealous that 2020 the new fresh year was getting all the attention Last time I checked it was called COVID-19 not COVID-20


    TTV CANNONPrije mjesec

    The time that he posted the vid I had covid

  115. Just an ordinary cat

    Just an ordinary catPrije mjesec


  116. Reg Leii

    Reg LeiiPrije mjesec

    I brock up with girlfriend

  117. YP Galaxy

    YP GalaxyPrije mjesec

    yes please do that virus

  118. The_Delta5

    The_Delta5Prije mjesec

    Anyone else remember that 60 sub clip? Just me ok