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  1. Evy salazar

    Evy salazarPrije dan

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  2. Edub 2

    Edub 2Prije dan

    If i was thanos I literally couldn’t snap I’ve never learned how

  3. Verity Eckhold

    Verity EckholdPrije dan

    We still love your content and vids

  4. gamer like

    gamer likePrije 2 dana

    worst thanos ever

  5. Lazarbeam’s Dad

    Lazarbeam’s DadPrije 7 dana

    Among us ?

  6. KaramaAU

    KaramaAUPrije 8 dana

    he sounds like rick from bushworld adventures

  7. lucas gaming channel

    lucas gaming channelPrije 8 dana

    Stop swearing in videos

  8. Aj Atttinger

    Aj AtttingerPrije 9 dana

    Don’t say gods name in vain

  9. Orange Summit

    Orange SummitPrije 11 dana

    6.9 million views cowincidence I think not

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    Jim BoliniPrije 12 dana

    You have 6.9 million views on this video🤣🤣

  11. security system

    security systemPrije 12 dana

    lol i just found out this came out the day i became a member XD

  12. alex nguyen

    alex nguyenPrije 13 dana

    is anyone going to talk about how lazar beam walk past the time stone multiple times

  13. Frits Poelman

    Frits PoelmanPrije 13 dana

    GG :)

  14. Just George

    Just GeorgePrije 14 dana

    2:58 bru there were 2 right there

  15. Ashley Reiri

    Ashley ReiriPrije 15 dana

    The big grape is in among us

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    ELECTRIC YTPrije 19 dana

    (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  18. Crossing Stars

    Crossing StarsPrije 19 dana

    I love how lazar beam says he made the mod when i already saw who made the mod, keep lying to people lazarbeam it just shows that u dont care for the truth

  19. Avocado Monkey

    Avocado MonkeyPrije 20 dana

    Sub and fletch made a video of this

  20. Gary Orellana Gomez

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  21. Jake the chonk

    Jake the chonkPrije 21 dan

    2:33 walks past a stone

  22. Jaymin Adikaibe

    Jaymin AdikaibePrije 22 dana

    The thanos twerking clip sould have been better than the strethched out face

  23. Erin Smith

    Erin SmithPrije 23 dana

    OMG I love that you played with sub and fletch

  24. Kieu Trinh Nguyen

    Kieu Trinh NguyenPrije 24 dana

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  25. Caden Barnard

    Caden BarnardPrije 24 dana

    Dream team beam team

  26. Henry Rowbottom

    Henry RowbottomPrije 25 dana

    Purple Man lol

  27. Tree Licker

    Tree LickerPrije 25 dana

    It'd be pretty cool if the gauntlet visually starts off with no stones, and then each stone collected adds to the gauntlet.

  28. Parity cuber

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    Edenilson MejiaPrije 26 dana

    my computer turned off as soon as landon snaped his fingers in the end

  31. Edenilson Mejia

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    my co

  32. michu-chan

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    Use em ya lose em

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    Yeet subscribe this dude hi is amazing

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    I am lathan

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    4 thanos 1 goutlet

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    You are ga

  41. Rachael Gallagher

    Rachael GallagherPrije 29 dana

    I’m on the season a good game Waze maybe shouldn’t play it much

  42. Rachael Gallagher

    Rachael GallagherPrije 29 dana

    Sick laserbeam what are you doing today it is the it is 2021 now

  43. Rachael Gallagher

    Rachael GallagherPrije 29 dana

    You’re a pro laserbeam can I friend request you in Fortnite

  44. CallMeFatYoshi

    CallMeFatYoshiPrije 29 dana

    Lol 69 420

  45. Adwaid Meleveetil

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  46. humans yay

    humans yayPrije mjesec

    He walked by the time stone 2:57

  47. Rob

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  48. vinny scott

    vinny scottPrije mjesec

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  49. Hamptonator

    HamptonatorPrije mjesec


  50. Hamptonator

    HamptonatorPrije mjesec

    How did he not see the green stone

  51. Rolling Skill

    Rolling SkillPrije mjesec

    Thanos got stoned dude

  52. nh dw

    nh dwPrije mjesec

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  53. cquick 3

    cquick 3Prije mjesec

    Jesus Saves Love God ✝️


    THUNDERPrije mjesec

    There’s a grape among us

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    Labrats basiclly

  56. Colby Bills

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    We're all bloody Legends

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    The way laser beam sails Thanos lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Why 5k dislikes and 2k likes :(

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    Jasper CandelarioPrije mjesec

    My name on fortnight is jas815

  61. rick0933

    rick0933Prije mjesec

    People forget that when thanos snaps it takes out HALF of the universe and not EVERYONE in the universe

  62. Rust Lord

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  63. Matty fan

    Matty fanPrije mjesec

    Dababy dead body was at elc and red was there he’s sussy boi

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    4 gamer literally a thqnos

  65. Muntasim 777

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    Oops wrong letter

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    Dade thickos

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    grape is sus

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  69. TheScaledVultureFPE_0fficial

    TheScaledVultureFPE_0fficialPrije mjesec

    I love how after 5 months, thanos in among us has become Thanos in Fortnite.

  70. Jim Griffin

    Jim GriffinPrije mjesec

    you kll me \

  71. SUS

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    0:01 be like THANOS

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    Look the guy from Fortnite is in a sus game I literally went back to this video to say this

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  75. shadow the nightfury

    shadow the nightfuryPrije mjesec

    Lazarbeam:turns into thanos Me:he's going super saiyan

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    are ya winning mate

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    2:48 he walked passed the time stone.🤣

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    I Megan 2:58

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    A About C ?

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    U are now a stoner

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    Do you know sub and fletch

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    Thanks skin in among us and now Thanos skin in Fortnite

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    The way he says stone tho

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  94. Hamdan Ahmed Othman Othman Al Shehhi

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    not thanos thandee

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    Alternat title: AMONG US with BIG GRAPE

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    Oh there's one one of the stones

  98. Tapirgod

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    Change my mind: the orange stone looks like a tater tot

  99. GamingKTY

    GamingKTYPrije mjesec

    Back in ze day, we listened to lazarbeam talk about Thanos and having five drum guns and five combat shotguns

  100. DragonBlue07

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  101. Kyran Wirlen

    Kyran WirlenPrije mjesec

    Hello Neighbor mod:In the beginning of the round you see the neighbor locking a door and you can hear screaming and banging from the door as the neighbor stands in front of the door blocking it in anger. He can jump scare and in the jump scare he throws a tomato at your screen, there can be mannequins around the map the neighbor can send them to snap someone's neck,go invisible with one of his potion's,smack people with his shovel,throw glue to slow people down,place bear traps,place security cam’s around map,The neighbor can choke people and turn them into missing poster’s,Can you do a custom hello neighbor map,crew mates can hide in closet or bed for the,crew mate can be able to pick up boxes tomato around the map and throw it at the neighbor he gets dizzy and for 3 seconds he can't do anything but walk,when the crew mates do all there task you see the neighbor he go's down to his knees as his face turn dark and then he turn into a'lot of crows map,if the neighbor wins you see all the missing crew mate poster's with there name on each one then the neighbor jump scare's you.

  102. Mitch6547

    Mitch6547Prije mjesec

    Laserbeam you are the best fan of I ever seen you must collect all the stones because you are a fan of you watch stay strong

  103. Aras Acikgoz

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  104. Aras Acikgoz

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    No no dont thouht me there what i told my uncel but he didnt seem to care