We Made Fortnite FUN AGAIN

I really enjoy this new season :)

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  1. LazarBeam

    LazarBeamPrije mjesec

    might be short but its sweet :)

  2. Blackout

    BlackoutPrije 7 dana

    That’s what she said

  3. Koen Costain

    Koen CostainPrije 8 dana

    I’m getting your skin

  4. Koen Costain

    Koen CostainPrije 8 dana

    What’s your created code

  5. PuddingProof

    PuddingProofPrije 10 dana

    LazarBeam 1v1 me

  6. Jan Lipski

    Jan LipskiPrije 11 dana

    I just want to say this is a part of an ad

  7. AltoJosePlays Music

    AltoJosePlays MusicPrije 5 sati

    Lazarbeam more fortnite content when

  8. Aarush Baisla

    Aarush BaislaPrije 5 sati

    i wish we could use this in tilted towers

  9. Jason

    JasonPrije 6 sati

    “Laser beam * we made fortnite fun “me * I never thought it was possible

  10. Sebastian Jimenez

    Sebastian JimenezPrije 11 sati

    Where’s joogie

  11. Samir Alcee

    Samir AlceePrije 14 sati

    So we not gonna talk about fresh name

  12. squashy

    squashyPrije 16 sati

    I wish the og Fortnite could come back

  13. Alex Ruud

    Alex RuudPrije 22 sati

    Bron James

  14. Janis Ozolins

    Janis OzolinsPrije 23 sati


  15. gabriel Dumitra

    gabriel DumitraPrije dan

    toxic rick im toxic riiiiiiick! me ...toxic rick in my brain brooo get clapped on

  16. Jonathan Rivas

    Jonathan RivasPrije dan

    The meme god is at it again!

  17. The Lego Guy

    The Lego GuyPrije dan

    He said he’s back to Fortnite, but he hasn’t posted a Fortnite video since then…

  18. Caleb Olson

    Caleb OlsonPrije dan

    Did Lazarbeam get a 30 bomb

  19. Tanara Montesin

    Tanara MontesinPrije dan

    Is that dea

  20. Tanara Montesin

    Tanara MontesinPrije dan

    Don't forget YEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Tanara Montesin

    Tanara MontesinPrije dan


  22. Abdul XD

    Abdul XDPrije 2 dana

    3:22 me cleaning my rooms windows

  23. Daniel Shaw

    Daniel ShawPrije 2 dana

    Take The ellll

  24. jugandoconsa y blogs

    jugandoconsa y blogsPrije 2 dana

    You sure it’s fine again ? It’s not fun if your not in

  25. assasanater

    assasanaterPrije 2 dana

    I got your skin and use your cod. USE code Lazer in the fortnight item shop or I will merder you

  26. SkullFace MXMX

    SkullFace MXMXPrije 2 dana

    Please make more fortnite videos

  27. Andrew Hermosillo

    Andrew HermosilloPrije 2 dana


  28. Travis Bloom

    Travis BloomPrije 3 dana

    I am a big fan

  29. Travis Bloom

    Travis BloomPrije 3 dana

    Hi lazar can you play a robot game

  30. Scuffed Opx

    Scuffed OpxPrije 3 dana

    he dropped more kill then fresh XD

  31. Marrow

    MarrowPrije 3 dana

    Fortnite will never be fun again

  32. poteito man

    poteito manPrije 3 dana

    sube mas fortnite

  33. cordovma

    cordovmaPrije 3 dana

    I wanna play fortnite with you 1 day my name is jkid 2012

  34. Nick Livingston

    Nick LivingstonPrije 4 dana

    Try to run over a hog in a truck.... it doesn't take damage lol

  35. star_RPG

    star_RPGPrije 4 dana

    Hvis du virkelig er dansk som folk jo siger så snak dansk til mig her i kommentaren

  36. Toni Croome

    Toni CroomePrije 4 dana

    I love your vids and freshes vids

  37. Toni Croome

    Toni CroomePrije 4 dana

    I do really

  38. Toni Croome

    Toni CroomePrije 4 dana

    I have your skin lazar lazar

  39. Dinko Deckovic

    Dinko DeckovicPrije 4 dana

    He is a man of colture( also i bought the lazarbeam pack in fortnite cuz ILY)

  40. walker sharkey

    walker sharkeyPrije 4 dana


  41. Hunter Dial

    Hunter DialPrije 4 dana

    u made fortnite fun again

  42. Toonguy34

    Toonguy34Prije 4 dana


  43. n0t isaac

    n0t isaacPrije 4 dana

    First time lazar got more kills than fresh

  44. Sam Whiting

    Sam WhitingPrije 4 dana


  45. Missy B

    Missy BPrije 4 dana

    I have your whole fortnite bundle

  46. Ach Ka

    Ach KaPrije 4 dana

    There is a lazarbeam skin in the shop!!!

  47. Lake villa predators

    Lake villa predatorsPrije 4 dana

    I got your skin lazarbean


    MINIONS CRAFTPrije 4 dana

    Fresh Distracc and Lannan Whacc

  49. x27k_ HappyBTW

    x27k_ HappyBTWPrije 4 dana

    Lol Nickname:dic khead Fresh:

  50. Keon PetersonSCS

    Keon PetersonSCSPrije 4 dana

    Season 5 was like the funnest

  51. 1k subscribers with no videos

    1k subscribers with no videosPrije 4 dana

    If the game was fun again we would all be happy Lazar.

  52. MYS_Orange

    MYS_OrangePrije 4 dana

    Fortnite fun hmmmm

  53. adrian zeballos revilla

    adrian zeballos revillaPrije 5 dana

    fortnite sucks

  54. RM clan official shorts

    RM clan official shortsPrije 5 dana

    Start to post memes beat sweatssss

  55. Tigertribe00

    Tigertribe00Prije 5 dana

    Yes it is

  56. Bot 1048

    Bot 1048Prije 5 dana

    I bought your skin and now I'm crack

  57. Brady Aiello

    Brady AielloPrije 5 dana

    1v1 me pls

  58. zaman gaming

    zaman gamingPrije 5 dana

    Did anyone else see freshs name in the lobby

  59. Toxic_Tangerine_yt

    Toxic_Tangerine_ytPrije 5 dana

    Try playing dead by daylight like in 2016 I remember that video

  60. Ray Dino

    Ray DinoPrije 5 dana

    THE OLD FORTNITE WAS SO FUN :( I want it back :(

  61. Quinn Caldwell

    Quinn CaldwellPrije 6 dana

    Would I get the Lazar beam pack in fortnite

  62. Jett Azzopardi

    Jett AzzopardiPrije 6 dana

    You’re my favourite HRhave and I got your skin in Fortnite

  63. Lilnoobie

    LilnoobiePrije 6 dana

    Lazar beam my friend uses your skin but doesn’t use your code

  64. Conan Loughran

    Conan LoughranPrije 6 dana

    Yeah Best Fortnite season was DEFINITELY THE MARVEL SEASON

  65. Conan Loughran

    Conan LoughranPrije 6 dana

    Yeah Imagine A Injustice type of game ONLY HORROR characters like. Freddy Krueger Jason Chucky Micheal Myers and all

  66. Caleb Wellin

    Caleb WellinPrije 6 dana


  67. Jacob Hopkins

    Jacob HopkinsPrije 6 dana


  68. giftedjennifer

    giftedjenniferPrije 6 dana

    Please can you play dous with me on my new youtube channel and my name is lazerbeam9501

  69. ZapMan101 YT

    ZapMan101 YTPrije 6 dana

    No offense Mr.Beam but Fortnite was already quite fun before the video and also I think the video could of been called "I made Fortnite content again" since you haven't made a video on Fortnite in a while.

  70. adrian zeballos revilla

    adrian zeballos revillaPrije 5 dana

    fortnte is a garbage apart that its toxic ed community simply bores and the truth is the worst thing is that there is pure fat boy vice thinking that he will earn money

  71. Jonah Castillo

    Jonah CastilloPrije 6 dana

    I’m a biggest fan can you give me the lasar beams skin

  72. Conan Loughran

    Conan LoughranPrije 6 dana

    Yeah Aliens Stand No chance Vs Rick Sanchez and Superman

  73. Bextergames08

    Bextergames08Prije 6 dana

    Code blazer

  74. Bextergames08

    Bextergames08Prije 6 dana


  75. Bextergames08

    Bextergames08Prije 6 dana

    I just got your skin

  76. Harold Skipper

    Harold SkipperPrije 6 dana


  77. Yasir Zakir

    Yasir ZakirPrije 6 dana

    Did any one see what he put as fresh’s nickname

  78. Naresh Shetty

    Naresh ShettyPrije 6 dana

    0:29 Let's just aprisiate that he has 29 kills

  79. Rsdical Username

    Rsdical UsernamePrije 5 dana

    Second 29 😳

  80. corby

    corbyPrije 6 dana

    I use you a code I bought your skin

  81. William Burbidge

    William BurbidgePrije 6 dana

    are you coming back to Fortnite


    DEATH STARPrije 6 dana


  83. Juan RB

    Juan RBPrije 7 dana

    Lazarbeam I have ur skin

  84. Jossiah Jackson

    Jossiah JacksonPrije 7 dana

    Don't worry lazar I did buy multiple things

  85. Lazarbeam’s Dad

    Lazarbeam’s DadPrije 7 dana

    Toxic Rick !

  86. Crazy gamer

    Crazy gamerPrije 7 dana


  87. Jyoti Dhar

    Jyoti DharPrije 7 dana


  88. Ryan Volk

    Ryan VolkPrije 7 dana

    I am a big fan I just made an account and I just want to say hi

  89. Kelly Bavistock

    Kelly BavistockPrije 7 dana

    do you have a friend called light_yagam12412

  90. Clive edstrom

    Clive edstromPrije 8 dana

    My friend said goofy

  91. AdaywithShaye l Vlogs and more

    AdaywithShaye l Vlogs and morePrije 8 dana

    I bout the skin and it’s true blue

  92. blake king

    blake kingPrije 8 dana

    Your skin in fortnite is cool

  93. Nabil Khalil

    Nabil KhalilPrije 8 dana

    Me spends 10 hours playing only gets 10 levels lazerbeam plays for 5 hous toxic rick it is

  94. Johnny VR

    Johnny VRPrije 8 dana

    U can't rage when ur killed by a fucking trailer 😂

  95. blufblu7.gachakid

    blufblu7.gachakidPrije 9 dana

    Let's just see if lazarbeam will reply to my comment and play 1 round of Fortnite with him


    FAISAL AL MESAEEDPrije 9 dana

    So user namethey are all the same peoples🍕🍕🍕🍕

  97. Rachel coleman

    Rachel colemanPrije 9 dana


  98. cruze holder

    cruze holderPrije 10 dana

    omg 😱 meme lazar is back boys 🥳🎉

  99. king_3398

    king_3398Prije 10 dana

    Dont pin me but I may be better than you.

  100. Predator Killer

    Predator KillerPrije 10 dana

    Use code lazar

  101. Predator Killer

    Predator KillerPrije 10 dana

    Use code laserbeam oriole yeet and the storm

  102. turbo man 42

    turbo man 42Prije 10 dana


  103. PuddingProof

    PuddingProofPrije 10 dana

    Do you think lazarBeam is better than me

  104. Ben McElligott

    Ben McElligottPrije 10 dana

    Sorry I quit fort nite

  105. Andrew Taylor

    Andrew TaylorPrije 10 dana

    lazarbeam looks like tom cruise IDK WHY 1:08

  106. Jace Dale

    Jace DalePrije 10 dana

    That was me who you through me in storm


    MARIAH AVILESPrije 10 dana

    Hi Laserbeam


    MARIAH AVILESPrije 10 dana

    My user name is


    MARIAH AVILESPrije 10 dana

    Can you add me Batgirl0719

  110. Gaming with zayan5608

    Gaming with zayan5608Prije 10 dana

    lazarbeam sound like rick almost

  111. Nxtro

    NxtroPrije 10 dana

    I know your probably not even going to see this comment but I really want to play at least one round with you please I love your videos please if not I understand keep up the hard work and your videos are amazing thank you