I Spent $10,000 Achieving My Dream

this took way too long to make but thank you for sharing the journey with me

try the game if you want :) - oldschool.runescape.com/

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  1. LazarBeam

    LazarBeamPrije 8 mjeseci

    Theres some render issues in the video but thanks for joining me on the journey :) - By the end of the video id spent $10k cause theres so much stuff i wanna do on this game for nostalgia sake. I might just do it off camera but let me know if you would like some more content on the game so I dont waste my money :)

  2. Sofiya Ermolenko

    Sofiya ErmolenkoPrije mjesec

    I love you so much

  3. sekc af

    sekc afPrije 2 mjeseci


  4. Cool Condo

    Cool CondoPrije 3 mjeseci

    Plz do more osrs videos

  5. FRZN Thanatos

    FRZN ThanatosPrije 3 mjeseci

    Is this Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape?

  6. Nascar is asome_44

    Nascar is asome_44Prije 3 mjeseci

    Well god dam it it’s 2021

  7. ImaFrog

    ImaFrogPrije 13 sati

    Life without a autoclicker

  8. 謝文哲

    謝文哲Prije 20 sati

    Umm your ages is 26 now????

  9. LuluNoLimit

    LuluNoLimitPrije dan

    This warmed my heart when he called his mom ❤️

  10. UrBoyTGaming

    UrBoyTGamingPrije dan

    Roblox simulators be like

  11. UrBoyTGaming

    UrBoyTGamingPrije dan

    Am I right

  12. SummeryMira

    SummeryMiraPrije dan

    yes osrs

  13. Mplayz

    MplayzPrije dan

    Nothing else matters more than the cape

  14. Ant4ro S

    Ant4ro SPrije 3 dana

    Lazarbeam vs fresh on that pop game

  15. Thomass Smithh

    Thomass SmithhPrije 4 dana

    The ugly society typically snow because epoxy advantageously promise round a dangerous curve. oafish, waggish dredger

  16. Sup Bruh

    Sup BruhPrije 5 dana

    Gz. Have fun w the arthritis lmfao

  17. Mateo Altonaga

    Mateo AltonagaPrije 7 dana

    When his mom said like she was proud at him and it prolly made me cry a bit

  18. Way Vlogs

    Way VlogsPrije 7 dana

    You should do rune crafting for a video, i hope you see this

  19. Rhys Fleming

    Rhys FlemingPrije 9 dana

    I honestly played this game since 2005 and I was obsessed with it!!

  20. Spangus Angus

    Spangus AngusPrije 10 dana

    LAZER: I’ve moved to a church going to hang out with some priest ME: Don’t get touched

  21. VISION

    VISIONPrije 11 dana

    Lazarbeam is 36 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  22. Isaac Visser

    Isaac VisserPrije 11 dana

    ten year old lazarbeam is so happy.

  23. Mega high

    Mega highPrije 12 dana

    Actually buying gold is banable in RuneScape

  24. Jonathan

    JonathanPrije 12 dana

    Best video ever

  25. LackLusterLobster

    LackLusterLobsterPrije 12 dana

    Well done mate

  26. Alanpika1393

    Alanpika1393Prije 13 dana

    You could’ve just auto click

  27. Jesus martinez

    Jesus martinezPrije 14 dana

    Code use lazarbeam yeet

  28. Meliodas Zeldris

    Meliodas ZeldrisPrije 16 dana

    ur legend dude

  29. dylan deverick

    dylan deverickPrije 17 dana

    the grind is real, paid for or not. hahaha grats!

  30. Benjamin Kerr

    Benjamin KerrPrije 17 dana

    Wait ur a billionaire u just sai-

  31. G4

    G4Prije 17 dana

    The fact that you used an AHK is making me laugh so hard

  32. Bondrewd Kryzhanovskyi

    Bondrewd KryzhanovskyiPrije 17 dana

    why this video has dislikes? It's awesome that he made he's come true?

  33. Nao Ikeda

    Nao IkedaPrije 18 dana

    What song did you use in the end? When you were going through 97-99

  34. Matthew Arguello

    Matthew ArguelloPrije 18 dana

    What it game called

  35. Sandra A

    Sandra APrije 18 dana

    I actually like this video can you do another video on this and master another skill

  36. DeclanHugo RS

    DeclanHugo RSPrije 19 dana

    The first HRhave video to actually make me cry of happiness

  37. Jaycob R Mercolesia

    Jaycob R MercolesiaPrije 19 dana

    Money in irl!

  38. Jaycob R Mercolesia

    Jaycob R MercolesiaPrije 19 dana

    Bruh u got 8BILLION?!

  39. Agreeftl

    AgreeftlPrije 19 dana

    Pay 2 win game

  40. Squid Pie

    Squid PiePrije 20 dana


  41. Monkey Aiden14

    Monkey Aiden14Prije 21 dan

    this is actually emotional

  42. Burd

    BurdPrije 21 dan

    Girl: Men don't feel real pain Men:

  43. louie jimenez

    louie jimenezPrije 21 dan

    dude can i have robux name realnub_max

  44. Geovern 69

    Geovern 69Prije 14 sati

    Bro hes not gonna give you robux

  45. ovenmittboy

    ovenmittboyPrije 16 dana

    Bro hes not gonna give you robux

  46. Caleb Press

    Caleb PressPrije 21 dan

    lazar in 2065: Getting every single skill to lvl 100

  47. Adwaith S

    Adwaith SPrije 21 dan

    Play blox furit

  48. Josean Bobe

    Josean BobePrije 22 dana

    I love rune scape

  49. Jacob Joseph

    Jacob JosephPrije 22 dana

    Do the rest now

  50. Hamza Kashif robloxer

    Hamza Kashif robloxerPrije 22 dana

    Theres a thing called autoclicker

  51. Mango Knight

    Mango KnightPrije 23 dana

    wtf he did not use a macro ?

  52. mauiboy _6

    mauiboy _6Prije 23 dana

    The next update: You can now buy levels!

  53. CJ Kielhofner

    CJ KielhofnerPrije 23 dana

    Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock players leveling up pets :Pathetic

  54. Joshua V

    Joshua VPrije 23 dana

    seeing him happy makes me cry in joy 😭😭🥲

  55. TheSmasher448

    TheSmasher448Prije 23 dana


  56. clevergaming_22

    clevergaming_22Prije 23 dana

    I just started playing it

  57. Skylar Playz

    Skylar PlayzPrije 23 dana

    Wait u said 16 years ago u were 10 so are 36

  58. Professional Roblox Hacker

    Professional Roblox HackerPrije 24 dana


  59. Charity Stewart

    Charity StewartPrije 24 dana

    The meat gods request a new skill to be level 99. You are the only one who could appease them

  60. That Guy

    That GuyPrije 24 dana

    Once you reach level 92(I think) you’ll be half way there in experience Edit: commented this right before he said it

  61. x1cxq

    x1cxqPrije 24 dana

    Its the guy from fortnite

  62. Kian Mark Ocampo

    Kian Mark OcampoPrije 24 dana

    I ate water in the toitlt

  63. Father JeBronie

    Father JeBroniePrije 24 dana

    RuneScape is gang gang

  64. Twisted

    TwistedPrije 24 dana

    Lets raid ??

  65. Twisted

    TwistedPrije 24 dana

    Gimme some gp bwoyyy

  66. CrazyBoy1265

    CrazyBoy1265Prije 24 dana

    the runescape music is so iconic

  67. Cooper Plant

    Cooper PlantPrije 24 dana

    his speed is what really started the forest fires around australia

  68. Mixup 2nd

    Mixup 2ndPrije 25 dana

    I can just imagine the creator of this dead game to wake up in his homeless corner in an alley and out of no where he is rich from dis guy

  69. Chronicle GD

    Chronicle GDPrije 25 dana

    You could’ve paid for an auto clicker lol

  70. bubbyplaz Dean

    bubbyplaz DeanPrije 25 dana

    Post more rune scape more more

  71. G G77

    G G77Prije 25 dana


  72. ClearTape Official

    ClearTape OfficialPrije 25 dana

    did you know there is a point Lazar had level 69

  73. Kan Calakovic

    Kan CalakovicPrije 25 dana

    16 years ago so how is it 8 years ago it came out 2013

  74. Mason loy

    Mason loyPrije 26 dana

    ballin... but at what cost?

  75. Simar Gosal

    Simar GosalPrije 26 dana

    youtube: ruinscape good after: lazarbeam made it demonitize hahahahahh

  76. John Cena

    John CenaPrije 26 dana

    The nondescript roll paradoxically help because rise predictably snow beside a nine stage. grubby gruesome, hesitant dresser

  77. AzoD_Undead

    AzoD_UndeadPrije 26 dana

    Play again pls :(

  78. BenFerraris_

    BenFerraris_Prije 26 dana

    Ummm can you get level 99 on all of the 24 things?

  79. Family Boldin

    Family BoldinPrije 26 dana

    Congratulations Lazar beam

  80. James

    JamesPrije 26 dana

    Nobody laserbeam stubs tow FuCk

  81. MrRetartO The second

    MrRetartO The secondPrije 26 dana

    I didnt have a pc during runescape but i play it now its fun af

  82. Nicholas Bingas

    Nicholas BingasPrije 26 dana

    Hypixel skyblock skill average 55 people: Pathetic

  83. World_quest

    World_questPrije 26 dana

    4:46 ultra instinct key

  84. huseyin gungormus

    huseyin gungormusPrije 26 dana

    10 year old laserbeam must be bloody proud

  85. MatiMatiYT

    MatiMatiYTPrije 27 dana

    The rune scape graphics are really no different to Roblox graphics some times

  86. Marcelo Corney

    Marcelo CorneyPrije 27 dana

    i love this game

  87. My cup is full of “apple juice”

    My cup is full of “apple juice”Prije 27 dana

    Who new Lannan would get ripped by playing runescapes l:/

  88. Dante plays piano once again Pipiano

    Dante plays piano once again PipianoPrije 27 dana

    cute kid ngl

  89. Rasa Duskiniene

    Rasa DuskinienePrije 27 dana

    I remember playing this game then i was like 7 or 8 years old brings back the memories

  90. Eternalfrisk

    EternalfriskPrije 27 dana

    5:37 SHEESH some hairy legs tho xD

  91. Blaze Harry

    Blaze HarryPrije 28 dana

    It’s good that you achieved your childhood dream

  92. XDclutch

    XDclutchPrije 28 dana

    Yay your spending more money

  93. Elvin Kendic

    Elvin KendicPrije 28 dana

    Play more

  94. James Crawford

    James CrawfordPrije 28 dana

    They made a new one

  95. Krythix

    KrythixPrije 29 dana

    Omg you did not just spend $10,000 leveling what is already the easiest skill to 99 in the game lol!

  96. Fortnite memes

    Fortnite memesPrije 29 dana

    What a legend congrats 🥳

  97. FNO Twistane

    FNO TwistanePrije 29 dana

    His poor damn keyboard...

  98. dennis caswell

    dennis caswellPrije 29 dana

    Lannan can use a auto clicker instead of mouse binds

  99. Carlz

    CarlzPrije 29 dana


  100. Dylan Burgess

    Dylan BurgessPrije mjesec

    As someone who quit RuneScape at 97 fletching, I feel complete now

  101. colchian dragon

    colchian dragonPrije mjesec

    Get every level to 99

  102. Rodriguez Films

    Rodriguez FilmsPrije mjesec

    i know this vid came out a year ago by I just want to say congrats

  103. Belle Delphine Loverツ

    Belle Delphine LoverツPrije mjesec

    You should try and get lvl 50 in fishing on hypixel Skyblock it's like RuneScape but you need 55mil XP for lvl 50 and it took me 1year and 8 months to get it legit it's like RuneScape but more painful and you'll lose your mental health on some point

  104. Jamal Yelahon

    Jamal YelahonPrije mjesec

    5:06 look how precise that mouse is. LazarBeam was botting lmfao. His mouse landed in the same place exactly both ways it went. Also moves so fast (one frame) from one side to the other. Way too precise. Lazar Botted :(

  105. Capbruh Capbruh

    Capbruh CapbruhPrije mjesec

    This was my fav game my bow skills was 70

  106. Iv_Winter

    Iv_WinterPrije mjesec

    It’s amazing how you can make such great content even tho you are doing boring grinding. I would love to see more RuneScape

  107. Coby Nasekapow

    Coby NasekapowPrije mjesec

    8:44 fortnite players be like

  108. One Click

    One ClickPrije mjesec

    The kindly cobweb generically dare because semicircle ethnically float at a ad luttuce. dysfunctional, embarrassed ink