Wear My Skin = Donate $25,000

in total we donated around $25k :)

good things happen when you use the lazarbeam skin!

Shoutout to all the streamers rocking the beam skin:

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  1. IsaacNinja78

    IsaacNinja78Prije 4 sati

    Who Else Figgered This Out The First Guy Sounded A Lot Like Fresh

  2. TheRealAuddi

    TheRealAuddiPrije 7 sati

    Wow lol

  3. Ryder Simoes

    Ryder SimoesPrije 22 sati

    me like this

  4. Riley Dundon

    Riley DundonPrije dan


  5. Leanne Harrison

    Leanne HarrisonPrije dan

    Lazarbeam I an wearing your skin

  6. Offline bro 2

    Offline bro 2Prije dan

    Do can

  7. Orange Berry

    Orange BerryPrije 2 dana

    I been wheering it for long time

  8. AayanZoid

    AayanZoidPrije 2 dana

    there's a new language in town CODEEE LAZAR

  9. [CR] WOLF

    [CR] WOLFPrije 2 dana

    "What the fuck- sorry language- what the hell"

  10. Hi :D

    Hi :DPrije 2 dana

    Mrbeast:if you win you get 10,000$ lazar (normal youtubers):if you win you get 2,000$

  11. Jace Archer

    Jace ArcherPrije 3 dana

    I'm wearing your skin

  12. WaveTide

    WaveTidePrije 3 dana

    8:35. My mom busts down the door. So WhAt We WaTcHiNg

  13. Magicalgamerfan_ 124

    Magicalgamerfan_ 124Prije 3 dana

    I wear ur skin but I live in iraq and ik muslem I love u so much ty

  14. Mikkel Kreutzer

    Mikkel KreutzerPrije 4 dana


  15. HyperXfootball

    HyperXfootballPrije 4 dana

    Mrbeast 2.0

  16. Jason Falls

    Jason FallsPrije 4 dana

    I got your emoji

  17. Sa'eed Cruz

    Sa'eed CruzPrije 4 dana

    Sorry I did not get the skin early I got banned so now I mowed a lawn now I could get your skin plus code: lazar

  18. Keon PetersonSCS

    Keon PetersonSCSPrije 4 dana

    899 for 100 subs Dammnnnn

  19. Soulz 505

    Soulz 505Prije 4 dana

    How come when I stream I get 0 views and no donations

  20. John Alls

    John AllsPrije 6 dana

    Because of this video you get a sub

  21. John Alls

    John AllsPrije 6 dana

    Also this was funny

  22. Flxmx

    FlxmxPrije 7 dana

    Lazarbeam is making three kids speak the sims language

  23. Pico

    PicoPrije 7 dana

    Hey lasar beam I bought your emote in the item shop so hope you see it

  24. Kim-Long Ho

    Kim-Long HoPrije 8 dana

    Are your marches are like 1000$ ?

  25. Tiger Classes

    Tiger ClassesPrije 8 dana

    That last screen go brrrr

  26. Alex Wolf

    Alex WolfPrije 11 dana

    This is proof that fortnite skins are ptw

  27. Wally Gerona

    Wally GeronaPrije 11 dana

    Use code LAZAR

  28. Martha Portillo

    Martha PortilloPrije 12 dana

    Is he kissing me right know?😂😂

  29. Pro bg

    Pro bgPrije 13 dana

    What do you mean making your money back if I’m not mistaken you to go buy A dollar for every thousand or 100 view and by the looks of it you are more views then the amount of girlfriends fresh has SHEEZ

  30. IceyColdY Y

    IceyColdY YPrije 13 dana

    8:04 was that cheats getting covered?

  31. Lene Bitsch Andersen

    Lene Bitsch AndersenPrije 14 dana


  32. Lene Bitsch Andersen

    Lene Bitsch AndersenPrije 14 dana


  33. Nick Landeros

    Nick LanderosPrije 15 dana

    youre slowly and slowly becoming mr beast, started with minecraft and vlogs, now giving away money

  34. AuBooBoo

    AuBooBooPrije 15 dana


  35. Blakeley Stephens

    Blakeley StephensPrije 16 dana

    This is when you have to much money

  36. Amy Lynch

    Amy LynchPrije 16 dana

    lazarbeam did you see youtube vs tiktok fight cale vs ryan josthon landon mcrbroom vs ben azarlart tannerfox vs ryland storms faze javis vs michal le ddg vs nate whyatt deji vs vinne hacker aneson gib vs tayler holder austin mcrbroom vs bryce hall honest bye michal buffer and fousey and keemstar

  37. fransisco campos

    fransisco camposPrije 16 dana

    Fresh has a brother?!?!!

  38. Army

    ArmyPrije 17 dana


  39. Jack Lovell

    Jack LovellPrije 17 dana

    It mildly annoys me how the whole chat on like every stream he donated on was like: "OMFG! HOLY SHIT! IS THIS REAL? W! WTF! HOW? NO WAY! WHAT?" they effing know. you don't have to spam in the chat.

  40. Piryache

    PiryachePrije 17 dana

    The moment rel said he the best memer in fortnute i said and roblox

  41. isaac fisher

    isaac fisherPrije 18 dana

    8:20 i think he got his sub goal

  42. Daniel Vasquez

    Daniel VasquezPrije 19 dana

    shout out pls i watch all of your vids and always subscribe

  43. MidKnight

    MidKnightPrije 19 dana

    Kinda creepy ngl but wholesome 👍👍👍

  44. WassupBoyz

    WassupBoyzPrije 20 dana

    I like your skin

  45. Raven Claw

    Raven ClawPrije 21 dan

    Do you mind giving me 1000 dollars for controlling myself from playing fortnite

  46. Nicolas Radzimski

    Nicolas RadzimskiPrije 22 dana

    he wasn't at max tho...

  47. Sfay

    SfayPrije 22 dana


  48. Ninja

    NinjaPrije 22 dana

    That is my fortnite username

  49. clint_yt

    clint_ytPrije 22 dana

    Your freind jake looks like past ninja

  50. Mason Nguyen

    Mason NguyenPrije 22 dana

    The plausible cave probably wave because atm functionally amuse against a evanescent produce. married, thirsty granddaughter

  51. Salem Alnahdi

    Salem AlnahdiPrije 22 dana


  52. trusty vibes

    trusty vibesPrije 24 dana

    me too

  53. Everett Wheeler

    Everett WheelerPrije 24 dana

    Aw... 20 dollars... I wanted a peanut...

  54. Zayngerous

    ZayngerousPrije 24 dana


  55. It’s Evie

    It’s EviePrije 24 dana

    Code lazar

  56. Juan RB

    Juan RBPrije 24 dana

    Lazarbeam why is you skin no longer in the item shop ☹️

  57. Lily Hutchins

    Lily HutchinsPrije 25 dana

    I feel like Lazer beam is the most richest Aussie

  58. Spazo420volt

    Spazo420voltPrije 25 dana

    Imagine not having your internet down while lazarbeam has a skin out in the store (couldn’t be me 😭😭😭😭😭)

  59. Reina Guzman

    Reina GuzmanPrije 26 dana

    5:19 👍👍

  60. svgcowboy

    svgcowboyPrije 27 dana

    I wish I could be that rich lol


    BENOFTHEWEEKPrije 27 dana



    BENOFTHEWEEKPrije 27 dana

    i wish i was a streamer

  63. Oliver Churchill

    Oliver ChurchillPrije 27 dana

    I remember one of those photos

  64. Marie-Josée Chiasson

    Marie-Josée ChiassonPrije 28 dana

    I wear your skin every Time and all de victory i did was whit your skin

  65. Adam Abo Al-Magd

    Adam Abo Al-MagdPrije 28 dana

    Lazerbeam became mr beast for a video :mr beast does a video about donating 100.000$$$

  66. Hopelessly Dope

    Hopelessly DopePrije 28 dana

    The code Lazer was chefs kiss bro.

  67. Craft Safe

    Craft SafePrije 28 dana

    5:01 The dono in the back

  68. Freek

    FreekPrije 28 dana

    8:06 I meeeeaaaaannn he did have the og lazarbeam skin 😂

  69. Blz Motionz

    Blz MotionzPrije 28 dana

    Nah that’s fresh’s brother 😂

  70. Adam Ezra

    Adam EzraPrije 29 dana

    Laserbeam you’re a bloody legend

  71. RandomPlays

    RandomPlaysPrije 29 dana

    Just violently screaming code lazar

  72. ftboy247

    ftboy247Prije 29 dana

    Like nothing but jiberish dyfykdjgsgjdgjsfjsfjxgjdgjdgjxgjzfjzbgxgnxgjdgjdhtdngdgjdgjxgjdgjdtjdgjdfhdgjzgjxgjxgjsgkxjgxgjdgkdgjxgjdjgdyjshkzhkxhkzhkskysfhxfhzfjxjgxgkxhkchkdgkfulfykfykfykfhkdykdykdykdgjxgjxngxgjxgnxgkxgkxykchkckyfkydykdjgfjyftjdkydylcygcgjxlgfiydtidyidyidyidyidyidyjxykdoyfofhldyjzruzthzhkztkdgjcgjdhkxjg.

  73. Brayden Callahan

    Brayden CallahanPrije 29 dana

    Not only best memer in fortnite but the worlds best memer

  74. Sabrina Carpenter

    Sabrina CarpenterPrije 29 dana

    Code lazar

  75. Liz Bullet

    Liz BulletPrije 29 dana

    figt sen bast

  76. Timmyturtle10

    Timmyturtle10Prije mjesec

    6:23 younger sb737s twin

  77. Timmyturtle10

    Timmyturtle10Prije mjesec


  78. Timmyturtle10

    Timmyturtle10Prije mjesec


  79. Cowboy fishy

    Cowboy fishyPrije mjesec

    When will your skin be back out I have been saving for 2 months for it I want it so bad u are my favorite HRhaver

  80. Imtrash OOF

    Imtrash OOFPrije mjesec

    I feel bad for the first guy who was wearing the skin in real life

  81. Christian Vambenèpe-Undseth

    Christian Vambenèpe-UndsethPrije mjesec

    8:35 Beating the daily sub goal

  82. Jackson Clemmer

    Jackson ClemmerPrije mjesec

    Lazarbeam, the second mr. Beast

  83. Jayden Gavriel Tanudjaja

    Jayden Gavriel TanudjajaPrije mjesec

    Welp next time I stream I'm using his skin

  84. oski moe

    oski moePrije mjesec

    I didn’t know lazer and beast are the same person

  85. Ameer Syed

    Ameer SyedPrije mjesec

    Mad_hatter9988 has your skin really

  86. Jayan Menon

    Jayan MenonPrije mjesec

    Lazarbeam is getting all the mom's as I can see.

  87. munachi nzeakor

    munachi nzeakorPrije mjesec

    lazar fast lanan out here changing lives

  88. Eggo Films

    Eggo FilmsPrije mjesec

    Get out of the way Mr. Beast, there’s a new hero in town…

  89. CrazyKidYT

    CrazyKidYTPrije mjesec

    LazarBeam more like MrBeast

  90. Revvy

    RevvyPrije mjesec

    4:13 sicko mode

  91. Coolgamersky

    CoolgamerskyPrije mjesec

    8:03 he gave him a 1000 cuz he was probably wearing gingy's skin

  92. cquick 3

    cquick 3Prije mjesec

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  93. Martha Portillo

    Martha PortilloPrije 12 dana

    ✝💕Bless him💕✝

  94. Ethan Keough

    Ethan KeoughPrije mjesec

    For the speech I would of just said YES

  95. Izayah Morales

    Izayah MoralesPrije mjesec

    I have ben wearing ur skin for ever can u add me 12xzop

  96. brtax

    brtaxPrije mjesec


  97. Neat Beaker

    Neat BeakerPrije mjesec

    I am gona say code lazar in every vid

  98. Neat Beaker

    Neat BeakerPrije mjesec

    But guy actually use code lazar

  99. ZPK_Uchiwa

    ZPK_UchiwaPrije mjesec

    6:44 Sounded like the Alia laughing meme. oh yeah btw

  100. Brian Padias

    Brian PadiasPrije mjesec

    Your giving people thousands of dollars because they bought your skin